Hi, I’m Nina

I have loved to cook since my Mom brought me my first easy bake oven at 7 years old. After that my Grandmother had me in the kitchen at 9 learning how to cook small meals for myself while also watching her prepare Sunday dinners and Holiday dinners for the family. Between my Grandma and mother I caught a great love for food, but most all for cooking for others to watch their faces light up from the first bite.

I approach cooking with the questions “what will be easy, yet delicious? Quick yet next level?” Comfort food is a favorite. I love recipes with a familiar childhood feel with a twist of elegance so that it can be catered at any event/ occasion. I always pay attention to whom I’m serving and really get to know their favorite flavors and what feel/ theme they are going for.

Food has a special ability to bring people together. I often find this in my own life. So I carry this over to each event I cater. WE make sure to get all the details for their special day so that the food match the ambience. We love to be of service to bring others together over food and a good time for each occasion.